steve mcqueen

The glamour of the Golden Era of Hollywood was a period of forgotten time back in the 50’s and 60′ that still has a strong on us in the present day. Its has influences throughout all the cultural aspects of today: movies, magazines, fashion all was reinvented having these god and goodness of Hollywood in mind.

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These actors from the vintage era were so glamorous and an inspiration so we decide to pay our homage and (just like we did it for the great actress of this era) we have gather 10 vintage actors that have inspire our life and our work and you can see their influence in any piece of modern lightning made by DelightFULL from the desk lamp to a pendant light they all have a contemporary mid century touch.

Bare with us and see if you might agree!

1. Paul Newman

Paul Newman was born in the mid 20’s with a coolness that did not left him for a second through the years. For a heart breaker like Paul we have to select our Galliano suspension lamp. It’s line have the modern touch while still having that touch of cool.

10 vintage Hollywood actors that inspire usgalliano_unique_ceiling_elegant_contemporary_lamp

2 . Marlon Brando

Marlon Brandon was know for it’s greatness and by that troublemaking temper. He and our Booti floor lamp would be perfect for him because if has rough aesthetic based on the trombone but if gives out a soft light. A success with the women, just like Brando.

10 vintage Hollywood actors that inspire usbotti_unique_ceiling_lamp

3. Clark Gable

The actor who could stop a women with only his eyes. Just like our showstopper descent of retro sphere lighting suspension lamp Attomic.  

10 vintage Hollywood actors that inspire usatomic-sputnik-multi-light-sculptural-sphere-pendant-chandelier

5. Gary Grant

It’s said that Gary was a Loverboy and he were was on the greatest actors of all time. The piece we selected for him it has to be unique but specially handmade with a twist of personality coming through: Duke suspension chandelier. A vintage classic with a modern twist!

10 vintage Hollywood actors that inspire usduke_12_hanging_dining_sculptural_lamp_black

6. James Dean

A rebel with a cause with a daredevil eyes that could conquer all the casting judges. The piece that we associated with this maverick was our unique collection of neon lights: presenting our fun and twisted D, from the graphic colection.

10 vintage Hollywood actors that inspire usletter-neon-graphic-lamp-d

7. Peter O’Tool

For the one and only Lawrence of the Arabian, we have to set the standards high and we have chosen the classic but timeless piece: our stanley suspension piece.

10 vintage Hollywood actors that inspire usstanley_unique_colorful_ceiling_dining_vintage_lamp_07

8. Clint Eastwood

For the eternal here of the wild wild west movies we need a piece that is unique as outstanding all in one: its our Etta wall light. A classic but with a truly iconic design lines. The best just like Eastwood.

10 vintage Hollywood actors that inspire usetta_fixture_feminine_nostalgic_retro_unique_sculptural_brass_lamp_01

9. Robert Redford

Robert Redford is an american treasure. We have selected for this amazing actor our Turner piece which is huge over in the US market totally the Yankees thing. Just like Redford.

10 vintage Hollywood actors that inspire ustina_turner_unique_sideboard_art_deco_lamp_07

10. Steve McQueen

Last but so not least, the  king of cool Steve McQueen has to have a unique yet modern piece that has a coolness to it like no other…we of course have it and it takes form in our table lamps Marcus.

10 vintage Hollywood actors that inspire usmarcus_unique_desk_office_vintage_table_lamp_01

See our inspiring images at our Pinterest boards: VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL STYLE. Take a look and get inspired!