From the Dreamy Restaurants series- The union between TAO Group and Rockwell Group has generated many treasures—such as TAO Downtown and the recent street art-infused Vandal, both in New York—but none shined quite like Beauty & Essex Las Vegas. The idea first location in Lower Manhattan has accumulated reputation for its unique environment that unites the Big Apple’s high and low vibes, complete with an operative pawn shop occupied in as the reception area. Vintage style from the finest interior design examples!

Dreamy Restaurants: Beauty & Essex Las Vegas, retro style interior design

For all the vintage industrial lovers out there, be amazed by this creative lighting solutions retro style are a standout, recognised the details of the 10,000-square-foot interior—which has no natural light or windows—to shine. Exceeding the pawn shop, the entryway is lined with a range of glass-fluted light fixtures that involves guests in the jewellery box. The connected Pearl Lounge honours its signature with its showstopping centrepiece: a stylish chandelier crafted from thousands of draped pearls that cover across the ceiling and down the walls to the tufted purple banquettes, remodelling the entire apartment into a light fixture. Lovely vintage style touch.

Dreamy Restaurants: Beauty & Essex Las Vegas, vintage industrial

Rich, sexy colours decoration matched the meticulously designed lighting. Described character from gemstones and other jewellery, gold emphasis and red and purple tones embedded needed sprinkles of colour, while a pervasive use of mirrors and features is crucial to showcase the theme. In extension to the restaurant’s stone flooring, jewel-like carpeting displays the ceiling’s qualities. Top notch Vintage Industrial decoration!

Dreamy Restaurants: Beauty & Essex Las Vegas, retro style decoration vintage industrial

The Mirror Bar—fitted with a gold DJ booth—is a passage from the dining room notion. Encouraged by glass facets, the bar area features numerous ancient mirrors and glass cut in octagonal stone surroundings related to jewellery craft. Guiding guests to the series of three rooms, a 40-foot-long screened wall showcases mount vintage lockets. The wall also works as a focal point in the main and private dining rooms. An interior design perfection! What do you think about this retro style?


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