Le Bistro Vintage Café Decor With Feeling!

You’ve been waiting to meet the coolest place around? Came and take a look!

The vintage cafe decor of this greek cafe- restaurant makes its worth shine. With some of the most fantastic decor, you’ve ever seen it certainly will bring you the bright and shining decor you’ve been waiting to meet!

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Le Bistro Vintage Cafe Decor With Feeling! 1

The vintage restaurant decor is one of the most amazing scenes you’ve seen in a while. With a hint of industrial style in the air, this vintage interior design promises to make your dreams of being in an old-fashioned drama come true.

Le Bistro Vintage Cafe Decor With Feeling! 2

The petrol green colour is the prominent colour scheme in this vintage bistro. The vintage atmosphere is felt right when you enter the place and the old-fashioned sense of being is just right.

Le Bistro Vintage Cafe Decor With Feeling! 3

The handcrafted geometric shapes met with chosen colour scheme makes the whole vintage room decor feel light, glamorous and luxurious. The woodwork is installed in the furniture.

Le Bistro Vintage Cafe Decor With Feeling! 4

The vintage wall decor makes the room feel authentic and original. Definitely worth checking it out. The devil is in the details, have you heard? That’s why we caught the eye in the vintage bar stools are made of used leather and over the bar the combination of three different colour bottles.

Le Bistro Vintage Cafe Decor With Feeling! 5

The industrial pendant lights used in this marvellous vintage bistro were carefully chosen to be the perfect addition to the whole room. A combination of the perfect items since the floral pattern was chosen to be one of the effective decor items.


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