Let's Celebrate Mid-Century Design at 100% Design FEAT

September is coming, what means that 100% design trade show is also there! From 20 to 23 September in Olympia London, mid-century design is going to conquer London, since this is an incredible opportunity for you to take a sneak peek into our most creative, passionate inducing brands, DelightFULL and Essential Home.


This magnificent opportunity will bring you the pleasure to appreciate the fine pieces that DelightFULL and Essential Home has to offer in one of the most prestigious trade shows. This means you will be able to gaze the love-inducing, made with artisan care pieces that our brands have to offer.

To appease your curious mind, here’s a preview of what you can expect…

Let's Celebrate Mid-Century Design at 100% Design 1

When you have DelightFULL it is guaranteed to have excellency, elegancy, and passion. DelightFULL its known for its mid-century interior designtaste, its luxury lighting and the exquisite client relations that it creates. With regular attendance in another trade shows, it’s an eye stopper in the middle of the room.

Let's Celebrate Mid-Century Design at 100% Design 1

Just like DelightFULL, Essential Home is known for refined taste and amazing, awe-inspiring pieces. Perfect for every dream lover, this sister brand of DelightFULL is the best option when you want to combine luxury with perfectly tailored furniture and the mid-century style way of life.

This astounding piece, Turner pendant is an amazing example of what DelightFULL and its mid-century modern home design have to bring to your home interior decoration. With its soft finishes, it brings a unique atmosphere to every home.

Let's Celebrate Mid-Century Design at 100% Design 4

Essential Home always has a way to bring richness to every room you have. With the Romero Armchair, not only you have the tactile softness in the palm of your hands but also exquisiteness of a well-made piece of furniture.

Let's Celebrate Mid-Century Design at 100% Design 3

With its origins in mid-century style, both DelightFULL and Essential Home were the delight of the latest trade shows. A show stopper, a jaw dropper, these are the best ways to show how these brands are in the market.

Let's Celebrate Mid-Century Design at 100% Design 6

This is why 100%design trade show is so important to us. It combines everything that DelightFULL and Essential Home have to offer. The customized pieces, the approach to luxury and the culture within, makes the presence of these brands essential to this event.


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