Top Modern Ceiling Lights of 2015

There’s a fine line between what is currently a trend and what’s hopelessly tacky. The following modern pieces of ceiling lighting represents inspirations varied and the top modern ceiling lights for 2015.

Loena-lantern-by-ONTWERPDUO copy

A magical light source with a graceful afterglow which lingers for up to eight hours once all the other lights have been turned off and the sun shines upon another hemisphere. The pattern on the cream FSC paper shade is screen-printed with a special ink that charges itself throughout the day, and from the light of the lamp. Loena Lantern is a dream catcher for bedroom or nursery, and a shining beacon in the darkness – this celestial body is suitable for any ceiling. Design by Tineke Beunders & Nathan Wierink.

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Perfect modern ceiling lights for a bar or restaurant.

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The Divine crystal sphere ceiling light is a stunning combination of faceted lead crystal spheres on a chrome finish ceiling plate.

Top Modern Ceiling Lights of 2015

This to-die-for design comes from Claire Norcross. Undoubtedly beautiful in appearance, it is also stunningly clever. Each of the shutter-like apertures can be twisted open to direct more light to where you want it. This enables it to pull off the rare feat of being a technical delight and seductively feminine at the same time. It goes in any room in any style and its popularity shows no signs of waning.

Top Modern Ceiling Lights of 2015

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