Scandinavian design mingles withe industrial style scandinavian design Scandinavian Design Mingles With Industrial Style Scandinavian design mingles withe industrial style

Scandinavian design is centered around warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance. Normally, this style gives a lot importance to wood floors and wood furniture.

In this style the light takes a very important role, and the majority of  Scandinavian-styled homes are often characterized by the use of earthy tones, white walls, natural materials and minimal ornamentation.

We can give Scandinavian design some variables, mixing it with some other styles of interior decor. In this case we mingled it with industrial style.

It’s possible to see the industrial details inserted in these Scandinavian interiors, and the visual effect is very interesting.

We can do so much things by thinking “out of the box”! And sometimes the final result is way better than what we expected, we just need to have imagination and be bold.

You can mix the Scandinavian design with so many styles. Just experience it!


Source: Pinterest

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