Strictly speaking, the term “contemporary art” refers to art made and produced by artists living today. Today’s artists work in and respond to a global environment that is culturally diverse, technologically advancing, and multifaceted.
That said, let me show a few table lamps that you can use in your office, and that surely will suit well.

Phi lamp collection, by David Abad for B.lux.
Phi T40-2Phi is a family of organic aesthetic lamps that evokes the classic Scandinavian design. Designed by David Abad for B.lux, it offers warm and comfortable lighting which, because of the aesthetic and modular characteristics it recreates, forms lights and shades of great character. Its timeless and organic design allows the Phi lamps to be installed in any type of space, in both classic and contemporary interior design.
Phi T40-2 is the table lamp that features metallic structures and ABS. Finishes: Textured white or beige with textile cable. Inquire about other finishes.

Banquinho lamp / bedside table, by Cláudia Rolim
Banquinho lamp
Banquinho is the “first born” of Cláudia interest in transforming traditional objects normally found gathering dust, giving them a more contemporary look and function, without destroying its original character. The name translates into an endearing way to refer to a small stool or bench in Portuguese. Her choice for this particular wooden bench as the first piece was related to its strong impact in her childhood, with an emotional connection, an object that grew up with me but over the years got too small.
Banquinho lamp 02
It’s the kind of object you could find in any countryside house in the good old days, people would sit on it while knitting or polishing their shoes.

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Hoodie collection by Werner Aisslinger for B.lux
Hoodie collection
Werner Aisslinger has designed for B.lux Hoodie, a new family of decorative lamps, with a strong and sober aesthetic design that evokes a feeling of the 60’s, but with its own contemporary character. Hoodie stands out for the ergonomic nature of its aesthetics and for its sinuous shape and rounded edges, which transmit great visual comfort.
Hoodie collection 02
Hoodie is available as a table, floor or wall light. The entire Hoodie collection is manufactured in white, black and beige finishings. The table top and floor versions come with textile cables in the same colour as the structure itself, and are equipped with two low-energy fluorescent bulbs (E27).

Quercus desk lamp by Max Ashford
Quercus desk lamp
Quercus is designed to be a sustainable stylish and functional desk lamp for the young professional. The lamp is made using sustainable techniques and materials. The wood is reclaimed off-cuts of seasoned white oak sourced locally (within 10 miles), that would of otherwise been burnt or sold as firewood, this is steam bent into the tight curve, using only water over a damaging, high embodied energy method like laminating.
Quercus desk lamp 02

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