7 Tips To Have The Best Industrial Kitchen Style!

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I bet everybody loves an industrial kitchen style.  It’s aesthetically pleasing even if not the most popular trend in kitchen design. The clues from the old industrial spaces turned into living spaces are a trend that never seems to feel like it’s going to fade.  There’s plenty to work with if you know what to work with and if you don’t, we are always here to help!

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From brick walls, concrete floors, weathered wood, ventilation pipes, and ageing metal exposed, you have plenty to work with. To make your industrial style layout be the best one yet, we have some key features for you to get a grip on things! Get yourself a checklist, we’re going on an adventure!

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Retro-looking appliances. SMEG’s fridges are a perfect example of what an industrial kitchen appliance should be. The vintage industrial accessory is a must-have if you are a lover of the vintage style!

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Industrial light fixtures. There are plenty of good options around if you are looking to buy an authentic industrial piece. As always, DelightFULL is here to help you with that! For example, one of the bestsellers is Diana. An industrial style fixture always present to make itself known in the world of the best lighting design world!

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Industrial kitchen island. There are plenty of ways to design this part of the home and if you have one, you can revamp it anytime! The most popular way to do that is to cover its sides with rustic wood planks. Although you won’t be disappointed if you go with the concrete one.

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Industrial rustic dining table. This is the perfect feature if you’re looking to paint your kitchen in white. A rustic, wood-clad dining table suits an industrial dining room like no other.

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Use bare metal pipes. There are plenty of things you can do with this amazing feature. An old part of the origin of the style, they can serve for support as shelves, as railings, as part of light fixtures and so on. The Fun Part: A lot of decor and storage problems could be solved with them!

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Use commercial range appliances. Large cooking hoods and stoves fit really well into the industrial style. You can always use the tip of hanging the pots and stoves and turn it into a perfect storage area and it makes it a unique industrial style characteristic!

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Industrial Furniture. You should definitely consider some vintage chairs or some bar stools. Different stationary and mobile carts work well and could serve several purposes at once. As for the cabinets, with the right surroundings, you can go with very modern, sleek, glossy cabinets and your kitchen would look great!

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