This Vintage Bathroom Decor Will Melt Your Heart (1)

Tired of your bathroom interior decor? Come and check this vintage bathroom!

The vintage interior decor never goes out of style. This vintage bathroom decor is such an excellent example if you want your vintage home decor to shine. The bathroom interior decor of this interior design project belongs to nordstardesign.

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Vintage Bathroom Decor

The senior designer Mihail Scherbbak delighted us with an impressive vintage industrial bathroom.  Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this vintage decor has such a glamorous taste you’ll feel in love with it.

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Vintage Bathroom Decor

The vintage industrial decor is completed by industrial lighting fixtures pending from the ceiling and near the bathroom mirror.

Vintage Bathroom Decor

This vintage industrial bathroom is described by being some of the most enchanting ones. The flooring has such an impeccable taste and the covering of the walls adds a certain charm to it. All around, the bathroom space is filled with wonderful details and a type of comfortable luxury.

Vintage Bathroom Decor

With so many aspects to be delighted about this bathroom, one we fell absolutely in love was the tub. Characteristically vintage, the white, grey and red is the perfect combination of colours to have presented.

Vintage Bathroom Decor

The industrial style is present in the room with the amazingly done lighting and with such minor details that we were absolutely done for. The showing of industrial pipes and the pending lighting with the vintage mirror adding the full vintage aura to the bathroom decor is just what we wanted.

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