Your favorite style is back: Industrial is the new black!

We know this theme has been a little bit left out, but we want to make it up to you with an article only about industrial design. We know it’s your favorite thing, and it’s ours as well, that is why today it’s all vintage industrial style, ok? Relax and enjoy these top 5 tips to do a home improvement.


1st- Choose Rustic Colors

Vintage Industrial Design Ideas For Your Loft

The most important thing you should take into consideration when decorating your home according to the vintage style is to choose rustic colors. Selecting the right color palette is essential to establishing the foundation of your interior design. From the rug, furniture, lighting, and accents, all of your pieces will be dependent on your color preferences.

Table Category

Vintage Industrial Design Ideas For Your Loft 2

If your house design includes exposed brick walls (painted or unpainted), cement floor, or any wood, then you’re halfway there. Rustic color schemes tend to feature a lot of brown and beige. Keep in mind that your sofa, chairs, and tables will likely be constructed of leather and raw wood, so you will naturally have plenty of brown or burnt orange. This gives you plenty of opportunities to use accent colors for your rug and other decors.

2nd- Industrial Furniture Feat Modern

Vintage Industrial Design Ideas For Your Loft 3

It’s actually god to make bold choices when it comes to decor. It looks amazing if you mix industrial furniture and modern lighting, for example. Industrial furniture relies heavily on raw, unfinished wood.

Vintage Industrial Design Ideas For Your Loft 4

Whether it’s the coffee table, dining table, or end table, at least one wooden table is a must-have to achieve genuine industrial decor. As you can see in this images, it’s a good idea to get both worlds involved and the result? Perfect.

                                                                                    EDITOR’S CHOICE

Vintage Industrial Design Ideas For Your Loft 1

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3rd- Rugs Blend In With The Environment

Vintage Industrial Design Ideas For Your Loft 5

When it comes to rug options, the industrial decor is rather limited in ideas. Try to avoid rugs that are overly vibrant and chic (abstract art), or have distinct geometric patterns (chevrons or lattices) as they tend to look awkward in a rustic setting.

Vintage Industrial Design Ideas For Your Loft 6 Vintage Industrial Design Ideas For Your Loft 7

Instead, we would recommend something that is either faded or is generally dark (gray, crimson red, burnt orange, or blue). Consider a distressed oriental rug, textured solid rug, or a woven jute rug. This is a pretty easy tip to do, you can do it yourself! For this DIY home decor, consider layering rugs for a dynamic effect.

4th- Create an Open Plan Space

Vintage Industrial Design Ideas For Your Loft 8

Achieving space without having open space can be difficult, so marrying bold but clean and minimal is essential. Raw materials and naturally weathered finishes will be found alongside concrete and stone floors.

Vintage Industrial Design Ideas For Your Loft 9

This is easy to create with items from our local DIY home decor shop, making a feature concrete or tiled wall, of floor section, will open out space by separating out the room and giving the feeling of depth.

5th- Be Creative

Vintage Industrial Design Ideas For Your Loft 10

You have more flexibility when it comes to picking your decor items. For pillows, throws, and poufs pick something that shows off its leather or woven texture. Have the colors complement the rug – if the rug is solid and dark, try adding pieces that are colorful with artistic flair.

Essential Home New Products

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The great part about the industrial decor is that your tables, chairs, and sofas will be neutral toned, so your decorative accents can easily fit in. Following these tips, you will have a great result for your home improvement.


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