Finding a dining room rug that is both practical and stylish is no easy task. Fluffy pile can permanently trap every crumb from the table. Too-small rugs can trip up chairs. But a good rug can bring color, texture, warmth and style to the dining room

10 Tips for Getting a Dining Room Rug Just Right

Try an indoor/outdoor rug. It likely won’t help soften sound much, but an indestructible area rug made for a deck or patio will be able to weather a mess (and the occasional rinse with a hose).

10 Tips for Getting a Dining Room Rug Just Right

 Try carpet tiles instead. An area rug made up of carpet tiles is not only versatile but also easy to clean — or even replace. Any time there’s a spill that won’t come up, you won’t need to buy a new rug, just a new tile or two. It’s a good idea to buy extras from the start, but if you go for a mismatched tile look  nobody will notice a new pattern.

10 Tips for Getting a Dining Room Rug Just Right


The rug should be big enough to set all the chair legs on it. Not only is this a better look for anchoring the room, a spacious rug protects the floor underneath from scuffs and scratches.


While most would think a rectangular carpet should go in a rectangular room, there are often exceptions. Area rugs can take their cues from space as well as the shape of the table that covers it. It is often a play on form and color when choosing the area rug. Decide what feels and looks right to you. Your dining room is your design preference and trends and design can be followed or broken!


If you have an open area dining room that shares a space with a living room or kitchen area, an area rug will help you define the dining room without using walls. Choose a rug that uses colors from adjoining spaces but still defines the space. Therefore, a mixture of neutrals from the surrounding rooms with a punch of an accent color to match the dining room chairs would be perfect.


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