dining room ideas

Done with the same dining rooms decoration? Redecorate your dining room with a vintage look and get a whole new dining room design. Check out our design ideas and apply them at your home.

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vintage french dining room 10 Vintage outstanding dining rooms

Be embraced by this vintage french inspired dining room. With its grey walls decorated with white frames, it is a classic example of an imposing setting.The dark wooden dining table is gently decorated with mid century candles.

10 Vintage outstanding dining rooms

Inspire yourself with this vintage dining room, where the wood table is paired with white armchairs. Add some decorative elements such as retro frames and some white flowers. A cabinet to save the dish is also a main element of the dining room decoration.

vintage dining room

This minimalist setting has a kind of scandinavian look. All in white, the blue suspension lamp enhance the decor, as well as the mid century stylish dining chairs.

eclectic dining room

In the same scandinavian style, this time with Vitra inspirational chairs. The eclectic style is achieved by the mix of elements in the dining room, such as the candles above the dining table, the blue frame and the stool in the corner.

retro room

This retro dining room offers a colourful look due to the red dining chairs that illuminate the setting.There is a wide range of decorative frames in the wall, attributing a shabby chic effect.

dining room

Vitra chairs always attribute a modern look to any setting. For this dining room, the result couldn’t be better: along with a glossy wooden dining table, they rock your home design style. Furthermore, the long frame divided by small pictures achieves a retro style.

vintage dining room

This modern dining room is as simple as it can be: the clean style is guaranteed by the grey grilled chairs and the wooden dining table. The luminosity results due to the open clear window behind.


10 Vintage outstanding dining rooms

Choose some retro frames to evoque a vintage inspired decor style. Black & white decor always works well and this shabby chic dining room is a proof of that statement.

10 Vintage outstanding dining rooms

This charming dining room has a retro look due to the industrial suspension lamp, as well as the modern dining table.  The windows allow to enter the luminosity in the room.


10 Vintage outstanding dining rooms

This modern dining room with a retro look surely will make the difference in your home decor. The candles above the dining table, the couch in the corner and the golden vintage lamp add a whole vintage decor style.

And you? Did you have a favourite dining room among our suggestions?