We decided to show how small appartment could be beautiful, elegant and confortable as bigger appartments, and some ideas make us have the perception of bigger spaces too. We show you a couple of very good ideas to apply in your small appartment such as furniture with multi functionalities, specialy maded furniture for small spaces, simple surfaces, mirrors, straight lines, transformed spaces to avail more divisions to the house. We hope you’ll enjoy!small_apartment_ideas_the_best_collection_lakbermagazin_05 Compact-bathroom-in-white 3asmall_apartment_ideas_the_best_collection_lakbermagazin_08 design-modern-interior Triple-D-Neutral-Stone-Apartment-with-Natural-Accessories-kitchen-dining-pendulum-lighting gorgeous-pretty-dining-room-in-small-apartm 1aurban-loft-terrace-outdoors living-cube-1