2015 Trends!
Yes, that’s what we all want to know, right?! Today we’re gonna give you a few advices to light up your dining room, literally!

By changing the lighting fixtures you will achieve a whole new look for your dining room! Let’s explore 5 major lighting trends for 2015 and beyond:

1. LED Lighting
LED lighting is one of the top trends for 2015, which makes good sense; LED lighting tends to be both practical and affordable as compared to other alternatives.
matheny-suspension-light-fixture-chandelier-brass-tubes-stilnovo-style-delightfull-unique-lamps-14 copy
Residential architects have reported an upswing in demand for LED lighting.
LED strip lighting is also trending upwards.

2. Pendant Lighting
Pendant lighting is a hot item at the moment. We’re seeing an upward surge in demand for pendant lights as we head into 2015.
Some in-demand pendant lighting draws inspiration from the past, while other styles are uniquely contemporary in design.
Bowl pendants and drum pendants are both important silhouettes.
Multi-light pendants are another important category, with many trend-setters choosing to incorporate several fixtures into their interior designs.

3. Chandeliers
Chandeliers are in strong demand heading into 2015. In this category, there are a couple of clear trends emerging.
Original chandeliers - the touch of black in decor
First, there’s significant demand for value-priced contemporary chandeliers that don’t compromise on style. Mini chandeliers fit into this category, with dazzling small-sized options being just right for limited-size spaces such as studio apartments, attic bedrooms and small mother-in-law suites.

Second, there’s the segment of the market that wants dramatic, upscale, extravagant chandeliers. These consumers indicate that they’re willing to spend more if they can find exactly the look, style and quality chandelier they want. There’s strong demand for eye-catching traditional crystal chandeliers.

4. Wireless Lighting and Security Control Systems
There’s strong current demand for functional lighting design that’s incorporated into the home security system. These systems are increasingly going wireless, and incorporating either outdoor or indoor lighting (sometimes both.)

5. Copper-Colored Light Fixtures
Warm metals are trendy for 2015, and they’re making appearances in many places throughout the home. Many lighting purveyors are getting in on the trend, offering a variety of lovely copper-colored pendant lights and various copper sconces and lamps.

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