2019 is knocking on the door, and this means New Year, New Life, New Décor! Discover these 5 blue vintage dining rooms!

Today, Vintage Industrial Style ‘s Blog decided to select the top 5 Blue Vintage Dining Rooms, so you can feel inspired for your 2019’s home redecoration. We took into consideration the upcoming design trends for the next year, and these are the best you can get!

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5 Blue Vintage Dining Rooms You'll Fall For!

Navy Blue was one of the top colors of the year. Mid-century design and vintage style were the main style décors, and this means clean lines and a neutral color palette. However, a hint of color never killed no one, and navy blue was one of the top choices when it comes to details and color of the furniture design pieces.


5 Blue Vintage Dining Rooms You'll Fall For!

See how this scenario brings you peace and serenity, without losing its sophistication. A mid-century table and dining chairs, a work of art as a design accessory, plants to provide life to the décor, and navy blue all over the place. This can also be considered a neutral color, because it blends with all the others, and you never get tired of it!


5 Blue Vintage Dining Rooms You'll Fall For!

An industrial style pendant lamp is one important feature to add to your mid-century home décor. Hanna Suspension Lamp is handmade in brass, and aluminum, and you can choose a different color, finish, and size. We think that nickel plated or gold plated will pop on this navy blue dining room!

5 Blue Vintage Dining Rooms You'll Fall For!

This time, a more casual décor with organic materials.

5 Blue Vintage Dining Rooms You'll Fall For!

If you’re are looking for a more traditional decoration, this can be the one! The wallpaper gives another life to this room and the mid-century dining chairs are little time machines that bring us back to the fifties!

5 Blue Vintage Dining Rooms You'll Fall For!

Last, but not least, an electric mid-century dining room décor with blue as the main color. It’s all about clean lines and pieces that reflect both functionality and aesthetics.

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