Today, I’ve decided to check out a few contemporary modern lighting, with a special designing touch, and focus on the floor category!
I believe that i’ve founded 5 amazing floor lighting pieces…

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Spiky Lounge, by Royal Botania
SPIKY-LOUNGE_A01_0 copyRoyal Botania Spiky contemporary lighting bronze lounge outdoor surfaced suits perfect in garden.

Neil, by DelightFULL
neil-vintage-retro-sphere-floor-lamp-01 copy
A reminiscent lamp of the golden years of space. Constructed of brass tubing using the classic method of bending the brass twice into a rounded oblong shape allows for bright and load casts of light holding spherical diffusers with a retro futuristic style of that era. It has 3 arms with adjustable lights creating a versatile piece giving a good periferic light range.

loy-k, by Fiam Italia
2 copy
Swivelling free-standing lamp in 8 mm high-temperature fused glass. Black painted metal frame. Diffused lighting with LED system.

CLOTH, by Romani Saccani
3 copy
Unique blown glass that seems to turn into pleated fabric, making this collection a real eye catcher. The chrome version has an exclusive outer chrome coating that looks metallic when the lamp is off, but turns to dark beige when the lamp is on.
Clochard (code: 2289), by Martinelli Luce
Standing table, little table, empty pockets, a nomad object, simply leaned to the wall white or black lacquered metal structure, resin plane Led bulb.
Electronic gear on the plug included in the base.

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