It is inevitable to deny the retro trend in furniture is back!

What was used a few years ago is now the last “scream” in fashion. Thus we can see that furniture design is similar to past design but with a more modern touch, refined and with inspirations.

Meet the 5 hot trends that will inspire you to decorate your home!


1.Living Room: Retro Modern

How about we split our house in themes?

In the living room we choose a more retro environment yet very modern and sophisticated.

Retro Interior Design Ideas


2. Dining Room: Family  Time

What we call “sacred time”!
The time we have to live in family and in a space so nice nobody will popularize this moment!

Retro Interior Design Ideas


3. Kitchen: An exquisite space

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces!

This is where the real dishes are made. As such, this space should be as comfortable as possible and in this case we can consider a luxury kitchen. It’s all very well thought of, with a fantastic design and a touch of glamour.

We can’t lose the moment to prove the beautiful tidbits that go out!!!

Retro Interior Design Ideas

4. Room: More sex less stress

When our room becomes the best place for us, we just have to decompress and cherish every moment.

Give wings to your imagination and make your room the funniest kindergarden ever!

Retro Interior Design Ideas


5. Perfect Bathroom

The perfect space where we can combine two styles: vintage and modern.

Perfect place to relax in a bathtub full of water and foam after a tiring day at work.

Retro Interior Design Ideas