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If you would like to apply some art in you house with wood, this could be right post for you. Here there is great examples of beautiful pieces of art, made with perfection, a vintage craft made. You can apply it in walls, furniture, objects and floors, it’ll look fantastic! And the first exmaple is from Guangzhou Joint-will Wooden Crafts Co., Ltd  is specializing in 3D Woodcraft Construction Kits. (3D Wooden Puzzle & Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle) their main products are Woodcraft Contruction Kits and Jigsaw Puzzle.These are kinds of  most popular educational toys worldwide.By constructing the models,  kids will find lot of funs and in the same time, develop their intelligence. In the past few years, we provide our clients worldwide with high-quality and good service based on mutual bebefits. Thus, we sincerely hope that we can be one of your best business partners in China in the near future.

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3d woodcraft by Wooden Crafts Co., Ltd

Beautiful insect wall art made from incredible reclaimed, re-purposed and found woods. The technique of marquetry allows us to create pictures with wood. No stains or paint are used. We shade pieces with quick exposure to fire and that is all! These make great thoughtful gifts and can transform the feel of a room with its presence.marquetry picture  7 Amazing vintage wood craft Art 7 amazing vintage wood craft art2

Vincent Doan was born in Vietnam in 1961 and came to the United State in 1975. He graduated with a BSEE degree in 1984 from Iowa State University and worked as an Electrical and Software Engineer for over 20 years. In recent years, most of his time has been devoted to his other passion – Marquetry. It is the natural wood color and texture that has drawn him to this rare art style. Wood can be manipulated in many ways, but what makes his works special is that Vincent just lets the natural wood colors and textures radiate their own beauty and warmth in his artworks.

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marquetry art by Vincent Doan

“Marquetry, also called intarsia or inlay, is the art of creating intricate pictures and designs on furniture by skillfully cutting and fitting together thin pieces of colored wood, horn, metal, shell, and other precious materials.

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Marquetry by Masterpieces of Marquetry

From a Master, Jean-Francois Hache was one of the greatest craftsmen who ever lived. These image is from a collection of small boxes that he created with fabulous ornaments.

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marquetry box by Jean-Francois Hache


This form of side cabinet became popular in France in the latter part of the eighteenth century when two eminent Parisian cabinetmakers, Adam Weiseweiler and Martin Carlin, adopted this form of richly mounted cabinet. The exquisite marquetry panel on the door is inspired by the work of another Royal eighteenth century cabinetmaker, Jean-François Oeben.

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Cabinet by Adam Weiseweiler and Martin Carlin

This fine marquetry commode is veneered in purpleheart with exceptional floral marquetry inlay and gilt bronze mounts. The commode has a shaped breche d’alep marble top above two drawers finely inlaid with floral marquetry and centred by a gilt-bronze cartouche. The commode is raised on four legs terminating in gilt-bronze sabots. Joseph-Emmanuel Zwiener was an important Paris furniture maker of German extraction, who was born in Silesia circa 1848. He produced the very finest furniture, often copied from public collections in France. He employed as his sculptor, Leon Messagé, the Parisian sculptor of genius.

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marquetry box by Jean-Francois Hache