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Do you know the story of the 3 Little Pigs? I’m sure you do, and also that one of the little pigs house was made by bricks.

Why am I talking about this? Easy. The same you know that, you’ll defenetly will remember “The Termitary House“…
The Termitary House is the renovation of a two-storey home located in the coastal town of Da Nang, Vietnam.
Influenced by local red brick towers which date back to the 4th century, the architects at Vietnamese firm Tropical Space encased the original cement structure in a web of latticed brickwork.
Brick was used extensively in the overall design, inspired by the termites’ special ability to build their nests in this region. The residence also pays tribute to the remains of Champa baked-brick Towers, constructed here from the 4th century to the late 15th century.
A local material, baked brick was logical choice for the home’s exterior. Da Nang is known for its extreme climate, which varies from sweltering sunshine to torrential rains and tropical storms, and the open brickwork responds to such changes.
termitary-house-tropical-space-6 copy
According to the architects, the house was planned to have “a large sharing space in the center where a cooking counter, a dining table, and an entertaining corner are found. This lobby then leads to different functional areas in the house such as the rest room, the living room, and the bedrooms. All are connected artistically and comfortably. The mezzanine is where another bedroom, an altar room, and a small library are found. The attic is an open relaxing area with curtains of vines.”termitary-house-tropical-space-5 copy
termitary-house-tropical-space-2 copy termitary-house-tropical-space-15 copy
Delightfull Catalogue
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All furniture was made from the timber rescued from the roof of the old house on the site.

I just want to leave here!! Don’t you?!


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