There are times that you have to play safe. And, when it comes the case of decorating your home, your room, and you want to play it safe, well, you have to choose a safe color: gray!
Along we can use just pastels and neutral colors, or we can add some vivid pop colors with our own possessions that we’ll collect along the time without making too much noise.

Although we know that colorful homes are very funny and cozy, most contemporary homes are designed just neutral colors, which gives home an elegant and peaceful feeling. And the best couple to grays are always black and white, its nearest neighbors.

Let’s check a few examples…


industrial style kitchen interior in grey theme with concrete wallLoving Kitchen Neo Industrial Inspiring Vintage Kitchen Design With Industrial Touches































Living Rooms

Exquisite Industrial Living roomCool Industrial Living Room

































Industrial bedroom schemeDriftwood desk



































industrial bathroom lightning sconce flush mountconcrete bathroom