5 Hot Trends for Adding Art Deco into your Interiors

The Poly Pop Pendant, by Token
The Poly Pop Pendant
The Poly Pop Pendant, is an attempt at giving a geometrically ridged architectural structure to common organic forms. Drawing inspiration from Art Deco and early Modernist lighting and decorative glassware these interpretations of simple polyhedrons are wired for standard incandescent, LED replacement or CFL bulbs.

The Poly Pop Pendants are designed, developed, hand-blown and finished in Brooklyn, NY.

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The Light_ray collection, by Gravelli
Combination of atypical materials with timeless design allows these lights to suit both modern as well as both classical and art-deco interior.
The Light_ray collection
The beauty of this lighting is not only in its design, but also in the material execution. These modern lights may be the dominant element of any interior. It uses LED lights, which use about 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than conventional lights.
The Light_ray collection_2
Floor lamp ray_01 is a combination of functions of silent servant and light. Floor lamp ray_02 is inspired by the shape of a bulb. Floor lamp ray_03 is useful, and at the same time a very simple light. Table lamp ray_04 has a classic shape in an unusual design.
The Light_ray collection_3

Concept Lamp 02, by Brennan Letkeman
Concept Lamp 02
A self initiated project by Brennan Letkeman, where he wanted a new style or sub genre that wasn’t quite as Victorian as steampunk and not as dirty industrial as dieselpunk but with a subtle art deco vibe in there. It’s glossy and finished, but still has thick copper tubing and rivets as if someone found parts at a factory.

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