2019 asks for a new décor of your house, and these wall lamps can be part of it!

Mid-Century design is, again, one of the top trends of the year. It is the perfect combo between aesthetics and functionality. Beauty without getting over the top! However, we know that a redecoration can take time, and be very stressful. Vintage Industrial Style ‘s Blog decided to select the best deals regarding mid century wall lamps, so you can start business!

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Best Deals: The Best Mid Century Wall Lamps You Can Get!


Coltrane Wall Lamp is one of the best sellers of the Portuguese Lighting brand, DelightFULL, and we can get why, isn’t that so? It is a minimalistic mid-century wall lamp that will blend in any style décor, and it’ll be perfect to pair up with other retro and vintage furniture pieces.


Best Deals: The Best Mid Century Wall Lamps You Can Get!

This wall lamp is handmade in brass by talented Portuguese artisans that still use ancient techniques, so we can continue elevating design and craftsmanship. You can customize the piece, or if you’re willing to purchase the matte black and gold powder paint version, you can have it for the best offer!

Best Deals: The Best Mid Century Wall Lamps You Can Get!

Coltrane Wall can have 1 pipe or more, and it’s one of the top choices when it comes to contract projects.


Best Deals: The Best Mid Century Wall Lamps You Can Get!

Charles Wall Lamp is a true classic from the fifties. The perforating details screams fifties and sixties, and it’s almost like we could travel to the past and see these retro beauties, again! Perfect to display right next to the mirror on your luxury bathroom!

Best Deals: The Best Mid Century Wall Lamps You Can Get!

The lighting effect is truly mesmerizing, and, once again, we’re talking about a customized and handmade piece. If you’re willing to go with the copper version, great news for you! DeligthFULL’s Floor Samples section has the best deal you can get!


mid century wall lamps

Brubeck Wall Lamp is one of the classiest lighting wall pieces you can get, and the gold plated version is undeniably one of the best! You can have this amazing mid-century wall lamp in a distance of a click!

Handmade in brass, you can customize the piece by choosing a different color, finish and size!


Last, but not least, with Atomic Wall Lamp it’s impossible to stay negative around it! Inspired by the scientific discoveries of the last century, this peculiar wall lamp can totally provide a different vibe to your home décor!

Atomic Wall Lamp is handmade in brass and aluminum, and good news is that the glossy black and gold plated version has the best deal – what are you waiting for?

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