It’s September, considered the Monday of the year! Get ready to see the best selection of office table lamps we have for you! 

It’s Monday, the beggining of a new week, and as usual, Vintage Industrial Style‘s Blog will provide you the best office lamps you can get for your office. It’s time to get back to school or back to work after a long vacation, so continue scrolling and see the best deals of the lighting market.


Best Deals: Discover The Best Office Lamps To Buy!

When speaking about mid-century lighting pieces with a touch of contemporary design, there is a brand that pops immediately in our minds, and that’s DelightFULL. The Portuguese lighting brand has several unique designs, and we’ll present you the top study table lamps that have the best offer at DeligthFULL’s Floor Samples section. For example, Amy Table is one of the most famous pieces, due to its peculiar shape!


Best Deals: Discover The Best Office Lamps To Buy!

Amy Table was inspired by the one and only Amy Winehouse: the shade resembles her iconic hairstyle and it also has the golden ring on the side, just like her earring. It’s impossible to say NO, NO, NO to this beauty handmade in brass and aluminum! If you want to go back to black with this beautiful lamp with a gold plated body and glossy black shade, it’s possible to do it with a 50% off! Are you going to miss this opportunity?

Best Deals: Discover The Best Office Lamps To Buy!

Diana Table Lamp was inspired by the top classics of the mid-century era, and it’s considered the best study table lamp ue to its adjustable shade, so you can redirect the light.

Best Deals: Discover The Best Office Lamps To Buy!

Diana is handmade by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these master pieces, in order to continue elevating design and crafstmanship. Diana has a 50% discount on DeligthFULL’s outlet section.

Best Deals: Discover The Best Office Lamps To Buy!

Last, but not least, we want to present you Coltrane. Coltrane Lighting Family is the best seller of the lighting brand, due to its minimalistic design. The table version is a must have, so you can place it in your mid-century office décor!

Best Deals: Discover The Best Office Lamps To Buy!

The table lamp is handmade in brass, and if you’re interested in the nickel and gold powder paint version, we have great news for you! That version has a 40% discount!

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