Paris is known for its vintage style. To embrace all the ‘vintagy’ vibes it has to offer, nothing better than attending one of the Best Flea Markets In Paris!

Paris is known as the city of love, architecture, food, and so much more! However, it also associated when we are talking about vintage style. It is impressive and impossible to explain by words what we feel when we are strolling around the city and getting lost through the little streets of Montmartre, Marais, Saint-Germain, and so many others. Since vintage style is so present in the city’s roots, it not surprising that they have the best flea markets of the world. Today, Vintage Industrial Style ‘s Blog gathered the best flea markets in Paris, so you can have a vintagy experience and get something retro for your family an friends! We garante you that it is worth the money!


Marché aux Puces de St-Owen

The Best Flea Markets In Paris You Have To Attend! Best Flea Markets In Paris

This is our top choice, because if there was a medal for the biggest flea market in the world, this would definitely be the winner! Covering seven hectares, more than three thousand traders, and up to 180 000 visitors, this is definitely a place to visit when in Paris.


The Best Flea Markets In Paris You Have To Attend! Best Flea Markets In Paris

If you want to know the story of this flea market you have to travel in time, a long time ago, more precisely to 1885, when it started as a rag-and-bone shantytown outside the city limits, organized into a series of enclosed villages, some entirely covered and others open air-streets. for the antique dealers. Nowadays, it is considered more like a museum than a flea market, due to its visitors and number of restaurants.

One of Europe’s biggest flea markets, selling everything from Nike knock-offs to Eames chairs”

The main street is the Rue des Rosiers, and off this runs Marché Malassis,  where you’ll find toys, vintage cameras, and furniture as well. In these places, is where you find vintage dressing table you can put in your retro bedroom décor. In Marché Dauphine, you’ll find furniture as well, but also ceramics, and so on and so on!

The Best Flea Markets In Paris You Have To Attend! Best Flea Markets In Paris

The open-air Marché Paul Bert has the most beautiful furniture from the 19th and the 20th centuries, so you can definitely tell that this flea market is perfect for the vintage and design lovers.

One important thing to share  with our readers is the best time to attend this flea market in particular. Insider Tip: Visit on a Monday morning, or a cold, wet or snowy day, because you’ll be able to walk and see a lot more things without it being crowded. Always bring cash, and do not talk or try something, or even put it in front of  you or else the dealer thinks that you want to. Definitely, a different and unique experience!

Les Puces de Montreuil

the best flea markets in paris

This flea market is a little bit less charming, and famous of course, than its first oldest brother, but we are sure that you’ll have a real and unique experience of attending a flea market as well. The good part is that it doesn’t have as many tourists as the previous ones, which means that you’ll have  the opportunity to close some nice deals! You’ll be able to get a bargain and find the an occasional treasure!

best flea markets in paris

Here, you have a wide range of products for every taste and wishes: since vintage clothes to old toys, light -fittings, furniture , and old ceramics and glassware.

the best flea markets in paris

The trick is that you have to be patient – and bring some sneakers – because it is still a long way to pass the junk before you find the little square with the good dealers and offers. Our tip is that you put your best French accent and negotiate, until the fair price is defined!

Marché aux Puces de La Porte de Vanves

the best flea markets in paris

This flea market is smaller and less famous than the first one, however it is more friendly! The size is a good thing, actually, because you are able to see much more and organize your time for the best deals.

Comb through the racks of Hermès scarves and flapper dresses, scour the boxes of perfume bottles and vintage toys, explore the crates of vinyl and gorgeous French linens. There are chocolate moulds here, 1950s sewing accessories there – just make sure you arrive early for the best finds”

It is the perfect place to find that je ne sais quoi piece that you have to have ! The bad thing is that is not the best place to buy furniture or any accessory if you are a design lover. However if you are really willing to buy some vintage mid-century furniture or lighting pieces … we have the best solution for you!

Covet Paris

Covet Paris is one of the Portuguese Design Group ‘s showrooms, located in Paris, at 154 Rue des Rosiers! It is definitely a place you have to visit if you are a design lover! All its pieces are unique due to the fact that every single piece is handmade with the most high-quality materials.

Covet Group has several different well known international brands, such as Boca do Lobo, DelightFULL, BRABBU, Essential Home, and many more. We can tell that the pieces belong to the same group, but every brand has its own inspiration. If you are reading this article, you probably are a vintage lover, so DelightFULL or Essential Home’s pieces – the two mid-century brands of the group – would be the perfect match for you!


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