Here’s 11 best interior designers in Antwerp you should know about!

Dive into a world of inspiration with some of the best top designers and architects we know about. We’re going on a journey to discover the best interior designers in Antwerp to get to know all the inspiration you need for next year!

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Æbele Interiors

10 Best Interior Designers in Antwerp You Should Know

Æbele Interiors was established in 2019 by Dutch interior designer Pieter Æbele Elzenga who acquired his extensive background in design from studying in London and from working on numerous luxury projects all around the world. Based in Antwerp, Æbele Interiors is a high-end interior design studio offering a full range of bespoke interior design services aimed at a discerning and sophisticated international clientele. Projects range from private residences and real-estate developments to commercial spaceshotels and yachts.

Andy Kerstens

10 Best Interior Designers in Antwerp You Should Know

Kerstens was founded in 2015 and is based in Antwerp by Andy Kerstens. Kerstens is a multidisciplinary design studio with a clear vision of architecture, interior design and furniture design. The focus is on total projects in which an affinity for craftsmanshipdetail and atmosphere is essential. This applies both to the residential market and to catering and retail projects. They strive for simplicity, a timeless, minimal design combined with rich, natural materials for a warm and sober look.

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Axel Vervoordt

10 Best Interior Designers in Antwerp You Should Know

Axel Vervoordt has earned renown as a collectorantiquarianinterior designer and, most recently, curator. He counts among his clientele royalty, rock stars, financiers, tech tycoons and artists. Yet he has little interest in “style,” at least as it is currently defined, because essentially, Vervoordt is a metaphysician. Inquiries into the nature of being and concepts of time and space are what most compel him. He conveys his views through his inspired arrangements of objects and interiors. 

Hemelaer Interior

10 Best Interior Designers in Antwerp You Should Know

The main mission at Hemelaer Interior is to make people happy by decorating their homes beautifully and by providing them with wonderful seating comfortHemelaer Interior is the place to be for the complete furnishing of your home. They put emphasis on listening to the customer’s story first and then look around at their collections together.


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Jim Dierckx

10 Best Interior Designers in Antwerp You Should Know

Jim Dierckx is a graduated interior architect of the University of Antwerp and has over 7 years’ experience in residential renovation and interior design. Today he works and lives in Antwerp. Jim and his team mainly focus on high-end residential projects. Their work is characterized by warm pure materials embraced in a timeless design. An approach that covers all aspects, with respect and deep understanding of the needs of the client. Spatial functionality, simplicity, light and creating a home are the prime components of their work.

Purdey D Design

10 Best Interior Designers in Antwerp You Should Know

At Purdey D Design, customers can come to buy furniture and accessories, to soak up the atmosphere, or to find inspiration for their own interior. Purdey D offers its customers interior advice – seamlessly tailored to their lifestyle and personal taste. Close contact with the customer leads to results that far exceed expectations – and we are here to back it up!

Studio Farris Architects

10 Best Interior Designers in Antwerp You Should Know

Studio Farris Architects is an architectural practice based in Antwerp, and founded by Italian architect Giuseppe Farris in 2008. The studio’s goal is to discover the intrinsic potential in every project, questioning the obvious, exploring the surroundings and cultural heritage. This always while looking for harmony between sustainability and innovationfunctionality and experienceratio and feeling.

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Studio Tolleneer

10 Best Interior Designers in Antwerp You Should Know

Studio Tolleneer is an Antwerp-based office of interior architecture and concept creation, founded by Laura Tolleneer. At Studio Tolleneer, they aim for emotional value in space realization. They develop their concepts through research, experimental thinking and dialogue with clients and users. They offer full creative and technical direction throughout the building process. By combining different design disciplines during the creative process, they achieve an overall experience and create branded architectures. 

Van Stayen Interieur

10 Best Interior Designers in Antwerp You Should Know

In Van Stayen Inteerieur‘s show workshop you will find a wide range of materials and designs for windows, walls, floors and wall coverings. From classic to timeless to futuristic. With their own staff, they take care of everything for you and guarantee the most professional degree of finish in painting and lacquer work. They design and make new seating furniture – based on their own or existing design – and reupholster all furniture.

Vincent Van Duysen

10 Best Interior Designers in Antwerp You Should Know

Vincent Van Duysen got his start as an assistant to Aldo Cibic in the legendary Milan studio of Ettore Sottsass. In 1990, he went on to establish his own studio in Antwerp, Belgium. He comes from the long and rarefied line of architects who refuse to concentrate only on the shell and also project a sense of living that is as much inside as outside. Van Duysen calls it the “art of living” and he’s done much to refine that art in industrial design, having created everything from slender outdoor furniture and earthenware containers to Swarovski crystal chandeliers.


BPS Estates was founded by three prominent entrepreneurs with years of experience in real estate and business. “During our talks, we noticed a great convergence between our visions, with a focus on delivering high-quality renovation projects,” said the managers. “All too often in this market, savings were made in all kinds of areas, such as the use of quality materials and the perfect delivery of a project. BPS Estates was born from the vision where everything is delivered down to the smallest detail and this with a high-quality finish so that our customers can enjoy their purchase for many years without any worries.”.




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