Prague is one of the most wonderful cities in Europe. It is the best example of the combo between old and new! See the best vintage stores in Prague!

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and, for the past years, it has gained notoriety due to its architecture and mix between the old and the new. We think that it is one of the best places to shop vintage and retro souvenirs! Vintage Industrial Style’s Blog searched for the best vintage stores you can attend!

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Everything old is new again!

Prague has a number of thrift, secondhand and retro shops, where everybody can find something special. Here is a list of the best vintage shops in Prague with unusual clothes, accessories and a retro atmosphere.

Bohemian Retro Vintage

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Crossing the threshold of the Bohemian Retro shop, you will quickly get embraced by the elegant vintage atmosphere. The shop has been around for about 10 years, and the owner of the shop is the nice British lady who will help you with your choice and tell you the history behind the pieces of clothing. Vintage clothes presented in the shop are collected from little bazaars in different countries. All items in the shop like retro dresses, jewelry, old bags and belts create a unique and charming atmosphere, and attract fashion lovers coming from all over the world.

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BOHO Vintage Concept Store

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BOHO Vintage Concept Store is a gallery with a collection of retro fashion of original designs and special atmosphere. Every piece that can be found there is not like the others, as the owners look for items at flea markets and make sure they are truly vintage. Clothes, accessories, jewelry and bags in the store will definitely highlight an outfit and will help you to create the boho style. This store provides not only high-quality vintage and retro fashion, but also a lot of inspiration. It is a great find for all who feel nostalgia for the past and have an interest in forgotten times.

Galerie Art Deco

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The antique shop Galerie Art Deco amazes its customers with the chic elegance from the past. If you are looking for jewelry, this place provides a lot of it, made from different materials in different decades. Gloves, handbags, hats, dresses and a lot more can be found in Galerie Art Deco, and it is almost impossible to leave with empty hands. Some decor for home and pieces of furniture are also sold in the shop.

Laly Vintage Shop

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Laly Vintage Shop is located in the Old Town, which gives it some charm. This shop is a real treasure for all women who love retro, as it has shoes, handbags, clothing and jewelry from the 1920s to the 1980s. The best thing about Laly Shop is that it is a part of the Prague Fashion Museum, where clothing exhibitions change every three months to inspire those who want to look stylish. The bright design of the shop is definitely worth checking out, and some pieces from the past century will add more elegance to the modern everyday outfit.

Prague Thrift Store

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One of the most popular secondhand shop in Prague offers a big collection of clothing, footwear, bags and accessories. Customers can also find everything needed for the household, from mirrors and decorations to pieces of furniture. A variety of electronics, books, DVDs and CDs leaves nobody indifferent, and the toys and games section promises a lot of fun for children. High quality pieces and affordable prices attract people to the Prague Thrift Store for many years.

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