How you light a room is one of the most important factors of a decor scheme. There’s no secret to be trending, just consider all the different levels of lighting in the room, from the ceiling lights and pendants, to uplighters and occasional lamps.

Ceiling Lights for your Dining Room


Where should a chandelier go?

Position a dining room chandelier in the center of the dining table, about 30 to 34 inches over a table with an eight-foot ceiling height. If your ceiling is higher, raise the chandelier three inches for each additional foot of ceiling height. It’s important to hang the chandelier in the right spot and at the proper height for maximum impact.

Ella, by Delightfull, is a design masterpiece. With its sober lines it has surpassed the test of time. A style icon of the fifties and sixties suitable for any dining room. A unique ceiling fixture handmade in brass and with its lampshades in aluminum reinvented with today’s technical components and finishes. Available in the 6 or 15 arms version.

How large should it be?

To prevent guests from bumping their heads, the chandelier should be 12 inches narrower than the table and be at least 48 inches from the wall. Here’s a handy way equation: take your room dimensions (such as 12 feet by 14 feet) and add them together (so 26). That makes a good chandelier width in inches.

Circle hanging lamp, by Le Deun Luminaires, setting the scene over the dining table. The Circle cast the perfect halo of light in any interior. Circle is available in three sizes and finishes, so you can add a feminine, traditional touch in bronze, or an ultra-modern vibe in stark white.

What about other lighting?

Your everyday lighting might be too bright to create an intimate holiday dinner. But too little lighting might leave your friends a lit uncomfortable. For a dining room you want multiple lighting layers that might mean candles on the table, an overhead light on a dimmer and even an accent lamp on a side table.

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