A little luxury goes a long way, so we’re showcasing the best of the best in luxury vintage tips with these below pictures. Saty tunned, we are just beggining.

Tufted sofa or armchair with a velvet upholstery,  the height of elegance.1 copy

2 copy

Crystal perfume bottles and fresh flowers on a vintage dressing table.
3 copy

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A big chandelier can make a statement and it’s enough to give a new identity and style to a room.
4 copy

Add colour to your room. Don’t limit your decorating palette to browns and beiges, add colour to the room with throws and pillows, in the finest of fabrics of course.
5 copy

A nice wall frame. Photos of family members from past generations in well-crafted frames, worn brown and tattered with age.
7 copy

A map. Yes, a map saying how you loive to travel and to help you making plans to the next vacations.
9 copy

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