7 Easy DIY Vintage Decor Ideas

Are you a vintage lover? Want to build, modify or repair things in your house without the help of experts or professionals? Well, here you can find inspiration in the following DIY vintage decor ideas.

Making some changes in the house isn’t difficult. You just need imagination and some work of hands!

7 Easy DIY Vintage Decor | Window Mirror

If you’re trying to imagine a different mirror to your living room or bathroom here is a wonderful idea! Combining an old window frame and a plain mirror you can get a pretty cute mirror. You can paint it or add details and give it the style you desire according to your decoration.

7 Easy DIY Vintage Decor Ideas | Vintage Suitcases Side Table

Have some old suitcases that you don’t use anymore? Perfect! Just give them a new use and make an original side table to give your bedroom some personality.

In the top, you can opt for a framed mirror and then style the table with an industrial lamp.

7 Easy DIY Vintage Decor Ideas | Wood Headboard

Don’t close the door on the idea of having a beautiful headboard… This can be achieved by recycling wood paneling or an old door. A group of wood paneling or a reclaimed door sanded, painted, and mounted to suit your bedroom facade replicates the appearance of an attached headboard.


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7 Easy DIY Vintage Decor Ideas | Bathroom Storage

Rope and wood shelves are all you need to do this bathroom storage for your products. This will give to your bathroom that rustic look!

7 Easy DIY Vintage Decor | Benches Bookcase

With a couple of wooden benches is possible to create a simple yet functional bookcase. All you required to create this original and organized bookcase are wooden benches, wood screws, and a screwdriver.

The choice of color is up to you!

7 Easy DIY Vintage Decor Ideas | Wooden Crates Table

To make this table you just need four wooden crates. It’s pretty easy to achieve this vintage style and it goes in every farmhouse or rustic house.

You can give it that worn out look to complete the picture.

7 Easy DIY Vintage Decor Ideas | Sliding Door

What a better way to improve your house? Just add a sliding door and spare some space. For getting this you just need two wooden doors or two wooden paneling.

Some little changes can make all difference in your home decoration. Just be bold and try new things and play with new and different materials.


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