22 Great Retro Modern Inspirations by Patricia Urquiola Mandarin Oriental Hotel Barcelona

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Barcelona suite’s bathroom and outdoor view.



Patricia is a worldwide famous spanish architect and designer. Born in Oviedo, but living in Italy, the world-renowned professional works with many of the most known furniture companies such as Molteni, B&B Italia, Ketall and Boffi. Urquiola’s designs are suitable to the most diverse projects and styles. Some of Patricia’s works are exposed in museums and she was the responsible for designing Patrizia Moroso’s house.


“I think time is a constraint to destroy and then reinvent. If you give me a constraint, I’ll accept it. But I always try to move it around, or to readapt it. Ecco! If you lock me in a room, well I’ll go out through the window! I always remember Achille Castiglioni, one of my mentors, and he always said that in industrial design you have the idea, the fantasy, the concepts – that’s the marmalade! – but the constraint of the brief is the bread. You need both in order to find structure for your ideas.”

– Patricia Urquiola

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