Welcome to 2018 where Palm Springs Halloween decor is a thing!

This Halloween decor 2018, even though different will surely make your mind on the spot! This Palm Spring-inspired Halloween decor is an absolute must. Trendy, simple and an eye catcher, you’ll certainly want to buy it once you read the full article!

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Spoiler alert: this Halloween decor is everyone you never thought you needed for the season.

An amazing way of getting the kitschy-cool style back, these lawn ornaments are just something special. Once you spot them you need to get your hands on it! With plenty to go wild for, this is your time to shine! These lawn ornaments are just something to get your Halloween spirit out!

This Halloween Decor 2018 Will Make Your Home a Trendy Spot 2


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“Beware of attack flamingo” sign is just one of the charmers that we certainly will adopt this year. The blogger, Ashley Rose, turned such a spooky and dark season into something that we will definitely turn pink. If pumpkins turned into cacti and black flamingos aren’t your thing, we don’t know what is.

This Halloween Decor 2018 Will Make Your Home a Trendy Spot 5

Creepily brilliant, this retro-inspired entryway is something worthy of goals. The true essence of a simple yet amazing Halloween, this is the proof that not every Halloween is supposed to be scary – it can sweet as well!


This Halloween Decor 2018 Will Make Your Home a Trendy Spot 5

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