Halloween Tribute To The Thriller King!

31st of October, we celebrate Halloween! We also want to celebrate the Thriller King, Michael Jackson!

Our halloween tribute today will be Michael Jackson, the one and only Thriller King. The one that has left a huge mark in the music industry!


Michael Jackson Tribute

This is the move, the “Moonwalk” invented by Michael Jackson itself and it is famous all around the world. He was and still is an inspiration, there is no doubt! So let’s talk about him a little, shall we?



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Michael Jackson was born in 1958 and died in 2009, however his legacy didn’t died with him, because we still listen to all his songs, we do all his dance moves and we remember him! We’ve decided to write this article because one of the most important musics of all time, “Thriller”. This song was a boom back in the days and the music video was iconic, just like the singer!

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He began his career with the Jackson 5 when he was just a little child and his talent was unique! After he went solo we’ve seen the most iconic songs come to our life, “Billie Jean”, “Dirty Diana”, “Heal the World”, “Beat It”, “Smooth Criminal” and so many others that we steel listen and sing with all of our strenght.

Jackson Floor Lamp

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The perfect lighting for your home this Halloween! Jackson Floor Lamp is a true statement and was handmade by the most skilled artisans in Portugal! His intense lighting focus will make him the best reading light for you, if you are a fan of Michael Jackson this is a must have at your place. With his vintage industrial style it will fit everywhere, you only have to choose.

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Music is all around us and when you are able to combine lighting and music you can only see good thins coming, don’t you think? Jackson Floor Lamp is true example of that!

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As you can see Jackson Floor Lamp can fit anywhere, he is such a versatile lighting piece! You can customize it, don’t forget, all the colours, all the finishes can be choosen!

Floor Samples


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This was the inspiring move that his placed in Jackson Floor Lamp, this is a secret, however you can explain to all your friends and family when they arrive to your home.

Our halloween tribute has come to an end and we hope that you enjoyed as much as we do writing it! Stay tuned for more incredible articles!


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