Historic New York Loft Refurbished

Champalimaud’s principal designer, Anna Beeber, has been living in a historic loft in NYC for quite some time now.

Located in a six-story Renaissance Building in the trendy New York neighborhood NoHo, the designer’s loft has been around for more than a century. Initially built to accommodate a printing press in the late 19th century, the space had already been showing some aging signs for the past few years, like the existence of holes on the floor where once the printing machines had stood. However, it was the need to welcome a growing family that made Beeber and her husband think about a complete remodel of the place, transforming it into a welcoming home, designed for a family.

Architect Drew Lang was called upon to make the interior designer’s vision come to life. Lang ended up sorting out the “functional, practical, and mechanical elements of the project”. They both decided to keep the whole design very simple, where openness and natural light played key elements. Iron and steel details, as well as white, exposed bricks and limestone slabs turned the place into a very classy industrial-designed home.

Historic New York Loft Refurbished

These minimalist and modern sliding doors by Darren Vigilant transform either the kitchen or the living room into a private space when needed.

With a very minimalist and industrial design, there are still some key elements that make this living room a cozy and inviting space, like the mid-century beige arm chair and the patterned rug. Also, the red-painted pipes are a burst of color that goes extremely well with the clean design, making this living room come to life.

The almost teal blue breakfast nook at the corner of the kitchen is the heart of the room, balancing out the monochromatic stylish design across the whole space.

Historic New YorkLoftRefurbished

The rough looking columns and the vintage armchairs are a match made in heaven for this sleek living room.

The almost monochromatic design of the room gives it a more soothing style, completely appropriate for a modern master bedroom.


Images Source/Credit: Architectural Digest/Ty Cole


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