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Going to see a movie at the cinema is probably one of the coolest dates out there, however, due to current events, it’s crucial to stay inside and look out for your health and others. Don’t be sad! It’s the perfect time to do a special renovation and create a cozy, yet trendy home theater aka media room, so you can check out the best quarantines movies with your family!


If you’re being responsible and staying at home during quarantine, these home theater ideas will help you get through it! Durant this period, it can be considered our escape to the outside: the perfect gateway every time you want to relax, to have some fun time or to be with your love one in a cozy moment.

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From a movie with a meaningful message to a movie that portrays things that are almost impossible to happen, you always want a good story and a beautiful set! Today, we’ll explain how you can put together the best media room décor by following these steps:


Home Theater 🎬 The Best Media Room Decor You'll See!

One way to glam up your home theater is definitely by choosing the suitable lighting fixture! You need to guarantee that you’re making the right choice between aesthetics and functionality.

DelightFULL is a Portuguese mid-century lighting brand where all the pieces are handmade by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques from the past, in order to continue elevating design and crafstmanship. We selected the top lighting pieces – wall, table, suspension and pendant – that you can add to your own office décor! Keep in mind that all the pieces can be customized, so this means that you can actually create your own home theater lighting fixture!

Shhh! Turn the lights off, because the movie is about to start! 🍿


Home Theater 🎬 The Best Media Room Decor You'll See!

A nice sofa where you can fit all your family members is the right choice if you’re planning to do a home theater. Take into consideration an ergonimic sofa, like you’re sitting in clouds! Or else, you won’t be focused on the movie!


Home Theater 🎬 The Best Media Room Decor You'll See!

Choosing the height of your tv furniture is quite important when we’re talking about a home theater. Be careful to see if your viewing angle is on point!

Home Theater 🎬 The Best Media Room Decor You'll See!

No one said that a home theater has to be in the living room! You can turn it even more private if you decide to create it inside your master bedroom! These set is melting our hearts: mid-century design with a touch of contemporary style!


Home Theater 🎬 The Best Media Room Decor You'll See!

Last, but definitely, not least, add something no one would be expecting: it can be a vintage or retro design furniture or lighting piece, some biophilia décor or even a colorful pastel wall to add some modernity it!

The most important part is that the room reflects who you are, always having the perfect balance between aestheticcs and functionality! 


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