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On today’s – ‘I’m Just A Vintage Soul’ – we’ve selected the top vintage coffee shops, in London, that will make you get out of bed and have the most soulful breakfast ever! Continue scrolling to see which are the ones we’ve chosen!

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These London Vintage Coffee Shops are to die for! Grab your notebook and GPS, and prepare yourself for the best breakfast with an amazing vintage scenario!

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I'm Just A Vintage Soul: Top Vintage Coffee Shops in London!

If you’re fan of TV shows like ‘The Sex and The City’ or ‘Friends’, this is a great spot for you. It’s the perfect coffee shop for a retro chic tea party with your friends! The design of this coffee shop is going to drive you nuts: vintage furniture and homeware, an old Victorian restroom and the best vintage vibe!

Diana Floor Lamp

I'm Just A Vintage Soul: Top Vintage Coffee Shops in London!

With a wide variety of teas, served in adorable teacups and saucers, you can also enjoy one of the most delicious cakes ever! Each vintage  table has a board game, while you’re drinking tea and hanging out with your friends. And if you thought that this experience couldn’t get any better, you were wrong! The coffee shop has activities such as ‘Play With Clay 80s style’, and ‘Dot to Dot to Disco’.

Issy’s Milky Way

I'm Just A Vintage Soul: Top Vintage Coffee Shops in London!

This is a lovely little café that embraces the fifties style! On Angel’s Camden Passage, Issy’s Milky Way is a typical American style café with milkshakes in high cups and with a lot of whipped cream and a cherry on the top! While you’re enjoying the vintage retro Americana design, you’ll be listening to the good oldies on the jukebox: sounds good!

vintage coffee shops

With many tributes to the one and only, Elvis, with a true fifties diner décor, and a TV showing black and white classics, Issy’s is one of our top choices when it comes to vintage breakfast! Insider Tip: The Try the good old tosties, the fresh coffe and the Elvis Presley cupcakes!


vintage coffee shops

This particular coffee shop has some quite intriguing facts: it opened in 1927, and the same Italian Family is taking care of it. Besides that, the costumers will, perhaps, recognize the tearoom’s interior as the coffee shop scenario was one of the filming locations for Heinz adverts, and it was also starred in 2009, in the film ‘The Boat That Rocked’.

When you enter Gambardella, you’ll feel that time hasn’t passed by since the sixties! This traditional café will serve you the best coffee ever, served in a big mug.

Regency Café

vintage coffee shops

If you have the curiosity to travel in time, we have the perfect hack for you! Regency Café is like a portal that will take you to a different Era of London. It opened in 1946, and it’s the top choice when it comes to experiencing the best of the British tradicional culinary.

vintage coffee shops

There, you’ll have the chance to try a delicious full English breakfast with eggs, bacon, beans, tomato, mushrooms, sausages, and of course, a fresh coffee so you can start the day the best way possible! The décor is also remarkable: gingham curtains and blackboards with the café’s specials. This café also appeared in a movie: in 2004, ‘Layer Cake’ – you can see the pictures of the scene in the film, and also pictures of the evolution of the décor during time.


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