An Industrial Dining Room Style For The Stars!

Time for Style To Shine!

It’s Sunday alright. That’s why we need to have that breath of inspiration to make sure we have our home in check and vintage industrial touch always on point. Better now than ever right? That’s why we bring you the very best of this amazing world, and today you’re going to learn all about how to have an industrial dining room style all on your own!

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An Industrial Dining Room Style For The Stars! 1

The industrial design style comes in several styles. While you can have the charm and the magic of the pure industrial style you might be a lover of the modern times and, if so, you can always choose to go for the rustic interiors and make the industrial dining room work with simple contemporary chairs. To complete the look go for an industrial pendant lamp!


Diana Suspension


An Industrial Dining Room Style For The Stars! 3

To gather all the key elements of the key aspects of the industrial style you must have in mind the details and materials of it. So, metal dining chairs are in order! With the special detail of the exposed brick wall creates the industrial flair and the multiple natural hues just complete the look!


Madeleine Suspension

An Industrial Dining Room Style For The Stars! 6

The choice of wood and concrete lights make this the perfect choice when it comes to an industrial dining room. According to home-designing, “concrete pendant lights are a great streamlined alternative to the bulkier models that are popular in industrial-inspired spaces.”


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DL New Product

An Industrial Dining Room Style For The Stars! 7

If you are looking for more leather chairs, this is the best option, the ones here are attributed to the French architect –  Charlotte Perriand. And the transparent glass jar pendants give off a strong industrial vibe without visually weighing down the room – and the good news is that there are plenty of relatively inexpensive options available online!


Ike Suspension

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