Industrial style finds beauty in aged, utilitarian design. It’s aged woods and worn textures mixed with forged or welded metal give any room an eclectic look.

The look is clean and simple with a focus on function, which could lead to a more masculine look than other design styles. But think again if you think this is just what you can get from industrial style! Because we can always give it a more glamorous touch.

From themed/professional to chic, here you have some ideas to decorate your house…

Industrial Geek to Industrial Chic

If you’re a fan of comic books, this living room decoration is right for you! With an inspiration in Capitan America and with that leather couch being the star of the room, along with the dark brick walls, this could fit perfectly in the ultimate bachelor pad.

In the other side of the coin, you have the glamorous look with a more delicate environment and a feminine touch. The choice of a brighter color helps a lot because it gives more light to the rooms and the type of furniture is important too! In this style, furniture has a more refined look.

It’s not only in living rooms that you can add that industrial touch… In the bedroom, you can also innovate and bet in a different style like the geek style. With little pieces or going all the way, it’s possible to give a fun look to any bedroom.

Another example of how the color scheme really matters and can change the appearance of a room is very clear in the pictures below. From dark masculine colors to bright feminine ones that on is one already changes all decor.

And along with the clean lines and the rustic and more heavy look, on the left,  and the use of patterns and elegant pieces of furniture, on the right, here you can really separate one style from the other. The lighting pieces are also an important part.

In the kitchen, you can also add some personality with this style. You can opt for a professional look and get the dream kitchen of every chef or just go with a more sophisticated one.

Industrial chic works as either an all-encompassing design style or just a small design element mixed with another style. Even if you’re not 100% committed to it as a design style, you can still incorporate a bit of the look in your spaces. And the other way around too, if you’re just beginning in this all industrial style.


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