What is an antique lamp? I personally like the generalized definition wich states that it is a lamp wich is from a bygone area. This places the term outside the legal arena and into a subjective personal usage wich is where we commonly incur the term…

Whether in the improvement of your room or at a total change of it, it must be seen all the aspects that are engaged in the reshuffle of the setting: the wallpaper ( with a heavy color or clean?); the lighting fixtures (use vintage and you win some points here) ; the accessories strategically used up in the sidetable or in the bed; and even the floor coverage. Concerning all these aspects, we selected some options that surely will inspire you during your redecoration challenge.

In the first image, take a look at the teak bed with canopy. The bedding in silk satin is from Zara home and curtain and canopy is sewn with Angela Syrovatkova in Barcelona. Italian mirror glass table with crystal lamp and desk in cherry.