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Today we’re shifting a little bit. We’re in the mood where if it looks stunning and it’s easy, voilá! We have ourselves something to cherish and a comfortable, cosy space to be in. To bring you that, we’re talking about how one style that celebrates humility, practicality and affordability it the chosen one for you – and for us! – surely we’re talking about the industrial home design. What started out as an efficient work environment several decades ago soon morphed into a distinct style that made its way slowly from functional loft style homes to expansive villas and contemporary penthouses.

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This is a style that gives all the beauty to the raw textural. Think brick, tiled or even concrete walls to bring such a taste to your kitchen. Brick walls obviously are a favourite among homeowners but don’t forget the value of exposed steel surfaces and the right flooring, which can elevate the kitchen to a whole new level.

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From dark wooden floors to painted flooring that gives the industrial kitchen a truly vintage look, the options are plenty. Throw in a beautiful subway tiled backsplash and some open shelves, and you have a captivating kitchen. Picking the right decor and accessories to fit into your dream kitchen goes a long way and you certainly want to bring the best kitchen yet.

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While for some, the natural, raw industrial look is everything. But for some, a balance between modern refinement and edgy overtones that this type of style delivers. The curated fashion between style works wonderfully and you can add up or tone down. A chic industrial kitchen has a certain sense of inviting softness and is more open to glossy, posh cabinets and worktops, and relies heavily on industrial style lighting.

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Loft style kitchens are an amazing source of inspiration. With their framed glass windows, double height ceilings and all-embracing spaces that so often take the centre stage, there is a perception that the style fails in smaller kitchens. This is completely untrue! Efficiency, frugality and ergonomics are the defining factors of the industrial style, making it ideal for smaller kitchens. The kitchenware you chose must have the ease; shelves that tuck away the unnecessary, and countertops that can take plenty of wear and tear come together to deliver a useful small kitchen that is well and truly industrial in its appeal!

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When it comes to shelving you need lots of it. A great way of bringing the industrial style beauty to your kitchen while still shelving space. For example, floating shelves in raw wood or stainless steel often need the necessary contrast. An industrial style kitchen offers the complete use of the vertical space you might need and the use of vintage pot racks and standalone cabinets make up for a small industrial kitchen style.


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Atomic | Atomic light pendant by DelightFULL is a modern design interpretation of the atomic age, inspired by the composition of the atom. Building this unique lighting design using materials such as brass, steel and aluminium, DelightFULL’s skilled artisans arranged it in an abstract composition, just like the non-conventional molecular forms. This stylish suspended ceiling light is the right fit for a contemporary living room, or even for a more modern master bedroom.

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