Barbara Barry Interview

Barbara Barry Interview

Barbara Barry declares that “Underneath all I design lies the solid belief that beauty is a positive force.”. In her work there is a beautiful reminiscence of the natural influences in the most romantic and beautiful point of view. She incorporate the fresh of the green and vivid plants, with gorgeous flowers details that easily  create an environment where “less is more”. Her work is about “the experience of being human, intimately connected to nature”.

Barbara Barry Interview Barbara Barry Interview

Recently Barbara was interviewed by  Jennifer Mehditash for the Blog Dec-a-porter resulting in amazing thoughts to put on every interior designer work.

DAP: Could you share with us a few examples of how your daily inspiration and design come together and become a reality. 

BB: “Inspiration (from Around Beauty): Sometimes the colors of a room are predetermined. My job is to show up, look outside, and observe a decision that has already been made, usually by nature. The colors of this room come from the view right outside the tall French doors that open wide onto a great stone terrace. And walking out, the first thing I saw were the colors of a towering redwood grove. Decision made. The rich brown veneer of the dining table and drinks tray recall the trunks of the trees, dark in shade, softer in the brighter light. Dining chairs and doors draped in mellow mustard wool are evocative of the faded seeds and pods scattered on the terrace. Dappled around the room, in pillow and porcelains, is the deep blue-green of redwood fronds.”

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