Let’s Celebrate Nat King Cole W The Best Elements

Nat King Cole, Let’s Celebrate His Life!

Nat King Cole was an American Jazz Pianist and vocalist. He is one of the most importante references when we talk about jazz music. That is why we want to celebrate him!


Let’s Celebrate Nat King Cole W The Best

Nathanial Adams Cole was born on 17 of March in 1919 in Montgomery and died on the 15 of February, 1965, he only had 45 years old. However is music will be forever a statement! At the age of 12 he played organ at his church where his father was pastor. His first jazz group, the Royal Dukes was created 5 years later.

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There he formed the King Cole Trio (originally King Cole and His Swingsters), with the guitarist Oscar Moore (later replaced by Irving Ashby) and bassist Wesley Prince (later replaced by Johnny Miller). The trio was specialized in swing music with a delicate touch in that they did not employ a drummer. They were a success back in the days and Nat King Cole began his small, but incredible career.

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Cole Floor Lamp is our tribute for him! It has the class, the elegance, but also the jazz touch. Handmade with so much love by the most skilled artisans we’ve ever know. Nat King Cole was a true inspiration to all of us, no only in terms of jazz music, but also in interior lighting design.

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The perfect lighting piece to complete your living room or even your bedroom! Cole Floor Lamp is here to be part of your home, so what’re you waiting for? Make him your own!

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As you can see, you can customize it! You have the choice to choose the colour you want and the materials you want as well. The three-cone shades provide plenty of styles as well as flexible lighting. Therefore, these manageable heads Cole ensure maximum lighting.


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