This post was carefully made thinking about all the needs you may have when it comes to get some living room design ideas. Reading this you will find 10 inspirational armchairs to your living room design ideas or projects – if you’re an interior designer or decorator. Besides, work days can be hard. And there’s nothing like a comfortable armchair to rest when we’re home, right?

So, for this and much more, we’ve made a special selection of inspirations for your living area. Let’s see 50 inspirational armchairs for living rooms? Start now getting some new ideas for your home. You won’t regret!


Scandinavian Fur Armchairs

Scandinavian style is an important part of minimalistic style. Using fur (and mixing it with wood) is the secret to get a modern living room. Mid-century modern lighting and rugs are obligatory items to have in a scandinavian living area, so use and abuse of those elements.

vintage armchairs 5

vintage armchairs 4

vintage armchairs 3

vintage armchairs 2


Velvet Armchairs

Velvet is the queen of all the fabrics. It is not just the softness in person, but the personification of elegance and luxury. In the images we are going to present, tall lamps are a constant presence, as well as big rugs. Take advantage of those elements, because they result very well.

vintage armchairs 6

vintage armchairs 7

living room design ideas

living room design ideas

living room design ideas


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