Best pendant lamps

Living room is the heart of a home and everyone wants a warm, cozy and unique heart. Your living room needs to be confortable and you’re wrong if you think that it all depends on the sofas and the pads. Lighting is the key for a perfect ambiance where you can receive your guests, play with your kids or just watch a movie by yourself. And yes, that’s possible to choose a modern lighting that fits perfect with your decoration. But for a unique lighting, you need to risk a little bit and choose a beautiful chandelier, for example. You don’t have to use always a floor lamp, pendant lighting is also an option and it turns your living room into a luxury and cozy ambiance.

Here you have some ideas of brands, ambiances or projects with modern chandeliers and these are great ideas to inspire you whith different styles and different lamps.

You have your home’s heart in your hands, choose well!

Novono Project by Nora von Nordenskjold

best luxury pendant lamps

This is a project from Novono by Nora von Nordenskjold in Berlin and it is the result of a “redecoration and improvement in an old factory building”. The white chandelier is perfect in this clean and cozy living room and remember: white is always a good choise!

Matheny Suspension from DelightFULL

best luxury pendant lamps

‘Golden age’ could be the theme that inspired that room and, in fact, gold was the perfect coice to give that room a luxury detail. This Matheny from Delightfull is so imponent that we almost forget about the rest!

Fendi Casa

best luxury pendant lamps

Fendi Casa has always amazing projects with contemporary chandeliers and combines all the details in luxury ambiances. That’s another example of white as the best choice.

Ralph Lauren Home

best luxury pendant lamps

Blue and Gold is so the icing on the cake and this romantic chandelier is even more beautiful with all the details used by Ralph Lauren Home on that navy living room.

Atomic Suspension from DelightFULL

best luxury pendant lamps

I thought that a black chandelier was to dark for a living room until I saw this Atomic from Delightfull with that gold details. It’s perfect and look how cozy this living room looks, I just want to spend Christmas right there.

Tom Dixon 

best luxury pendant lamps

Tom Dixon is always a good idea for a contemporary lighting and that living room is an example of that. This assimetric pendant lamps are perfect even in a small living room like this one.