Hanna Lighting Family is one of the most peculiar lighting design of DelightFULL, and we’re sure you want to meet it!

DeligthFULL is a recognizable mid-century lighting brand that is inspired by the jazz music industry. The Heritage Collection is what the brand is all about, and you can see multiple lamps with peculiar designs that will make your day! Today, we chose Hanna Lighting Family! We are sure you want to meet this exquisite mid century lighting family members, so continue scrolling!


mid century lighting family

Hanna Suspension Lamp is the first member we want to present. This suspension lamp is an exquisite mid-century design with a contemporary twist and a peculiar design, that will be the center of attention of your dining room décor. See how the suspension lamp pairs up perfectly with the mid-century curate design pieces!


mid century lighting family

Although this lighting design piece has a peculiar design, it is also quite versatile due to its clean lines, and you can place it in a different style décor or room of your house.

mid century lighting family


Hanna Lighting Design is handmade in brass and aluminum, and you can customize the piece! Choose another color, finish and size and create a lamp with its own fingerprint!

mid century lighting family

Hanna Chandelier is another family of this member and it can be considered the matriarch! With an astonishing figure, you can choose as many layers and shades you want for your mid-century chandelier that will be the perfect choice as your staircase’s lighting fixture!

mid century lighting family

Hanna is also handmade in brass and aluminum by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to elevate design and craftsmanship!

mid century lighting family

This family is always surprising us with all the possibilities: Hanna Pendant Lamp. This lighting design embraces the same essence as precious ones, however is much more subtle, so you can place it on the side of your bed or in your living room!

Hanna Pendant is, once again handmade, and besides the customizations that you already know, you can also choose the diameter of the shade, the type of bulb and temperature of the light!


Hanna Floor Lamp is a lighting design that you will not want to be far apart from! With a base in marble, this lighting design will be the perfect choice for your entryway or living room décor.

Last, but not least, Hanna Wall Lamp will be your best friend if you’re looking for contract pieces!

Hanna Wall lamp can have one, two or more shades, depending on your needs!
We hope you enjoyed meeting this family and we hope that one day it can enlighten your life … and home décor!


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