FEAT Mid century modern elegant interior by Sarah Richardson

[tps_header]Sarah Richardson is an award-winning designer, known around the world for jaw-dropping transformations that turn ordinary spaces into magazine-worthy rooms with an incredible wow factor. She is one of the Canada’s best interior designers. Sarah started out in 1995 working behind the scenes as a prop stylist and set decorator, but it wasn’t long before she’d switched to the other side of the lens and was parlaying her innate charm and inimitable style into a burgeoning on-camera career. Admired for her upbeat and easygoing approach to creating elegant and timelessly classic rooms, Sarah inspires and empowers by effortlessly showcasing her winning style formula of mixing luxury with get-it-for-less savvy and balancing the save/splurge quotient of every decorating adventure.

1 Mid century modern elegant interior by Sarah Richardson


When designing interiors, the designer thinks about how she can offer a unique experience to every client so they are left with a completely customized home designed just for them. When creating television programs, Sarah strives to offer inspiration, education and empowerment so that viewers at home can embrace the ideas and interpret them in their home and be their own designer (with some helpful advice from me). When it comes to product design, she wants to ensure that every item designed by her is something she would be proud to have in her own home, and fulfills the goal of a blending of design integrity, quality and value.

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2 Mid century modern elegant interior by Sarah Richardson