Let’s take a look at some amazing types of light fixtures that you should have in your industrial style home decor. All of these lamps are from DelightFULL, of course. Stunning, aren’t they? There are a lot of lighting types that you can choose: table, floor, wall, suspension… and it goes on and on. All you have to do is to make sure that the light will fill all the place in your space. It’s all about getting the perfect lamp for you and your home. Check out our special selection and get inspired with new lighting ideas.



You can easily inject vibrant style and character into your home with a well-placed suspension light or cluster of pendants. Offering anything from sultry mood lighting to bright task lighting, hanging lights come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. Luckily for you, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your home!

industrial style light fixtures living room

Brubeck Suspension Lamp 



While they can help to create a general lighting plan, wall fixtures usually serve as an accent or task lighting. They can be used as general lighting as well, but if you used them without any ceiling lighting, the effect makes the ceiling seem lower.

industrial style light fixtures living room

Brubeck Wall Lamp 

industrial style light fixtures living room

Coltrane Wall Lamp 

industrial style light fixtures living room

Hendrix Wall Lamp



A good looking industrial style living room design can’t be complete without a style-setting table lamp to provide the finishing touch. There is a range of table lamps types: elegant classical appeal, romantic bedroom lamps, cosmopolitan glass designs, or trendy traditional table lamps.

industrial style light fixtures living room

Turner Table Lamp



A well-placed floor lamp can make a big difference on an ambiance of a room. These tall lights can illuminate dark corners and warm up the overall tone of a room. Floor lamps can also make great task lights, whether for reading or more precise work. When paired with table and ceiling lights, floor lamps add visual interest and layers to the room as well.

light fixtures your home must have

Turner Floor Lamp 

light fixtures your home must have

Coltrane Floor Lamp 


All image credits: DelightFULL

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