Miniature W-32 Engine Miniature W 32 Engine

Industrial lover’s,

Let me present to you a true work of art!
His name is José Manuel Barreiro Hermo – best known for ‘Patelo’ – and has a huge passion for production of miniature motors. His latest creation is an engine in ‘W’ with 32 cylinders.

10993079_409750172535667_5368720692414721149_n copy  Miniature W-32 Engine 10993079 409750172535667 5368720692414721149 n copy

Paleto took 2520 hours of work to produce 850 pieces – all handmade – and 620 small screws. Like all of its projects, the 32-cylinder engine works with compressed air and is absurdly soft, achieving balance up to three coins standing on the head.

10676266_409750232535661_2234069617807524924_n copy  Miniature W-32 Engine 10676266 409750232535661 2234069617807524924 n copy 10394130_409750215868996_2417618752037511567_n copy  Miniature W-32 Engine 10394130 409750215868996 2417618752037511567 n copy

Delightfull Catalogue  Miniature W-32 Engine hhhh

10257044_409750192535665_8309171990903228871_n copy  Miniature W-32 Engine 10257044 409750192535665 8309171990903228871 n copy 10991384_409750092535675_6013971209971176182_n copy  Miniature W-32 Engine 10991384 409750092535675 6013971209971176182 n copy
Displacement: 47,5 cm3
Diameter of the Cylinders: 13,75 mm
Stroke of the Pistons: 10 mm
Screws: 632
Work Hours: 2520

Smallest and unique W-32 engine in the world with this features! Check this video.
10958941_409750142535670_159776108726339342_n copy  Miniature W-32 Engine 10958941 409750142535670 159776108726339342 n copy 10891428_409750115869006_8445781672572244779_n copy  Miniature W-32 Engine 10891428 409750115869006 8445781672572244779 n copy 10250310_409750129202338_781947478363263280_n copy  Miniature W-32 Engine 10250310 409750129202338 781947478363263280 n copy

The engines are not for sale, and they were manufactured only one of each model, and are only to teach in schools and exhibitions.

Patelo dedicates this engine to all of his friends and to the followers of “Motores Patelo” around the world.

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