Sophistication and Elegance will never be old fashioned, so today we’ll present you the perfect set for your luxurious entryway décor!

Covet is a Portuguese Design Group, with several different brands that serve any design taste and style. Today, Boca do Lobo and DelightFULL decided to join forces and create this luxurious entryway décor! Continue scrolling and discover how you can get these pieces!

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A Modern Luxurious Entryway Décor is Waiting!

Boca do Lobo is a renowned design brand, and the first one of Covet Group. The brand’s pieces are inspired by teh Portuguese discoveries, and all the curate design pieces are handmade by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these master pieces, in order to elevate design and craftsmanship. Today, we want to present you Mondrian Sideboard, and exquisite and luxurious sideboard which arts such as wadding, carving, foundry, lacquering, varnishing and glass work, were used to produce it.


A Modern Luxurious Entryway Décor is Waiting!

Mondrian Sideboard – BOCA DO LOBO

“When art becomes a sideboard your room acquires an evermore-inspiring atmosphere. The Mondrian sideboard is more art than utilitarian furniture. Undoubtedly, it constitutes a unique and collectable object that is different from anything else, and exudes a sense of both experimental design and luxury”, Boca do Lobo

A Modern Luxurious Entryway Décor is Waiting!

A Modern Luxurious Entryway Décor is Waiting!

An intriguing sideboard with a base composed by mahogany. Composed by a set of drawers and doors. Contains carved drawers finished in high gloss colored lacquer. Fronts are: made from mirror with crystal handles; cut lacquered glass with polished brass handles. Contains details in leather. Its structure is made from mahogany lacquered with a matt varnish. The best part is that, since it’s handmade, you can customize it and turn it into yours! Change the type of materials, numbers of compartiments, and much more!

A Modern Luxurious Entryway Décor is Waiting!

There is no better piece to do a combo with this sidebboard than Miles Table lamp, a mid-century lighting piece that belongs to the lighting brand, DelightFULL. Miles embodies the essence and sophistication of the golden years with a touch of contemporary style

A Modern Luxurious Entryway Décor is Waiting!

Miles Table Lamp – DelightFULL

Miles is handmade in brass and aluminum, and you can customize it. Change the color, finish and size of the table lamp. This will be the perfect lighting fixture to create a cozy environment and the ideal choice to put together a luxurious entryway décor.


Today, we have gave you a few tips and selected the best design pieces to put together a nice entryway, however if you have a bigger project in hands, ABITA SA, a swiss Interior Design Company, will turn your design dreams into reality! Get to know more about the company based in Lugano, Switzerland and create the house of your dreams!

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