Moscow Home Features High-End Lamps and Vintage Furniture FEAT

Today we are going to show you an incredible interior design project in one residential pre-revolutionary building in Moscow. This dazzling home is a typical building of the Stalin era, filled with architectural testaments of luxury mixed with gray block building. What has really caught our attention were the high-end lamps and the vintage furniture that mixed together have created a mid-century modern home like any other.


Moscow Home Features High-End Lamps and Vintage Furniture (2)

Both conception and design were signed by interior designer Veronica Sudnikova, who named this stunning apartment Birds. Why? This happened because what inspired the designer to come up with these interiors was an actual photograph of a flock of birds. She wanted to create a space that represented their natural surrounds, ending up building this magical space in the heart of Moscow.

Moscow Home Features High-End Lamps and Vintage Furniture (2)

The designer explained that every room of the house features a color palette reminiscent of the four Seasons, creating a natural engagement with Nature and the outdoor surroundings of the apartment. Natural woods and light blues are used almost everywhere throughout the house. Forest greens and navy blue were also used to create a bigger sense of depth in the living and dining rooms.

Moscow Home Features High-End Lamps and Vintage Furniture (2)

Using DelightFULL’s Duke pendant lamp was a way the designer found to pay tribute to the birds that inspired her, seeing as the lighting design artistically resembles the movement of birds in flight. In fact, the designer herself makes sure to note that this particular piece is one of the most important elements in the whole apartment’s decor, having sparked the theme chosen for the mid-century modern home.

Moscow Home Features High-End Lamps and Vintage Furniture (2)

Colour is very important, and I’m always very attentive to the selection of textures and shades,” says Veronica of her take on styling. “I like to use many patterns, but in my interiors, I mix them with great attention to harmony.

Moscow Home Features High-End Lamps and Vintage Furniture (2)

In the bedroom, a strong blood orange was used to remind us of the Fall season and the nostalgia that comes with it. The carpets and wallpapers in the bedroom and home office are also reminiscent of the Seasons, making sure that feeling is a constant in every room of the house. Using leave patterns on the office’s rug and curtains a way to add a little bit movement to the design.


You can know more about these pieces here.

Photos © Sergey Ananyev


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