The Restaurant Design Trends You Need to Meet!

New Year, New Trends, New Beginnings!

In this fine year of 2018 we all want some fine dining in our lives, right? The best places to make memories, be happy and to prove the world that fine food and the best company can make the worst moments get better. Today, we bring some of the restaurant design trends that are making a buzz this year! Look for them and you shall find them because the vintage industrial style is here to make your style needs get to you!

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The Restaurant Design Trends You Need to Meet! 4

  1. Less is More.

Adhering to the mantra, this trend is here to make itself known. As Matt Abramcyk, one part of the Tribeca super couple, says “Consequently, we’re more inclined to embrace the original architecture of the space. Here once was a time when a restaurant’s identity was defined by lavish wallpapers, oversaturated corners, and elaborate colour schemes. Today, we’re highlighting the craftsmanship.”


The Restaurant Design Trends You Need to Meet! 2

2. Bespoke Lighting.

As we know best, lighting is one of the focus points of any space. One of the main points of any restaurant, lighting is the focal point of any vintage industrial decor. One of the best ways to start your year is seeing the amazing lighting designs that DelightFULL has to offer. One of the fine examples of this is Atomic Chandelier by DelightFULL. One of a kind and selected by Philippe Model!


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3. Green Power.

The growing interest in paying attention to the environment and getting our health in check is here to stay. With an increased interest in greenery and floral patterns in restaurants, the trend of having greenery and an infusion of plants in the corner of your eye is here to make itself known to the world. As Ray Chung, director of design at The Johnson Studio, says “We will likely see more ornamental plants integrated int the interior design as an antidote to the machine-made world.”

The Restaurant Design Trends You Need to Meet! 1

4. Retro Finishings.

Making an in-on trend, linoleum is expected to be back. While chrome is always an option and has been seen in several spaces, the linoleum trend will be hard to sell, but, we’ll see, right? While Chrome has been present in sensational runaway collection such as Gucci and Kenzo, this will be the one to make the comeback this year!

The Restaurant Design Trends You Need to Meet! 3 The Restaurant Design Trends You Need to Meet! The Restaurant Design Trends You Need to Meet!

5. Mid-Century Modern Style.

If you thought that the mid-century modern style was over you’re wrong. While it has been in the back of our minds for a while, this style never fails to make itself known. With several amazing inspirations, from music to cinema stars, the style that never fails as some of the best tastes to be found in any home. From mid-century modern furniture to mid-century lighting designs, this will be the year of wood panelling. Keep in check!

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